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  • Founded Date September 4, 2013
  • Sectors Construction / Facilities
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Company Description

Innodust TechSolution Pvt Ltd was founded by Mr Gourab Kumar Agrawal. The company was established in 2012 with the motto of providing training and services. He has completed his Masters in Power Electronics from SOA University. He is quintessential entrepreneur with many achievements under his belt. He has made innovative products like 3- D Printer, Home Automation Device, and Solar Led Lights to name a few.

These innovations make him stand out in the field of Tech Entrepreneur.

He has imparted training to more than 5000 students and has also created about 1000 Electronic Boards. He is committed to create awareness for in the society for technological advancement and also create employability in technical field.

When he founded the company there were heap of challenges which he had to face. The biggest challenge for him to overcome was of investment as the electronic sector demanded more than usual. And this was the time software sector was blooming at its peak.

But his passion for electronics helped him overcome all the hurdles. His family also supported him and he proved himself as a Tech Entrepreneur.

He also took the initiative to learn about Solar Renewable Energy and then he thought of starting his 2nd venture as NS Power in 2012.

NS Power is the leading organization in the field of Solar Technology. Its main focus is on customer satisfaction by giving the customer high quality service and also providing proper after sales service. The combination of a hardworking team and keen leader it has more than 20 successful solar & LED products in the market.

We are certified trainer in the Skill Development Sector. We put in lot of efforts to groom each and every trainer to perform well. As we are the leader in the segment of microcontroller we have the ability to work in the field of Mat Lab, Embedded System, PLC, Solar Energy etc. He has clear vision to train the candidates through various innovative techniques & methodology which will help them to be industry ready and practical exposures.

He has put in lot of effort and hard work to create awareness in the rural areas. We have also provided sufficient water through solar pumps, modified the streetlights to solar streetlights.

He has also created awareness regarding the manufacturing of LED Lights at home which has created employability for the villagers

Innodust TechSolution Pvt Ltd was incorporated on 9th April 2013 with the aim of imparting skill development training to the youth of the nation by providing productive knowledge through all levels of learning & training by any formal, informal or on the job changes.

The world we live in is changing rapidly so we at Innodust TechSolution train guide & prepare the coming generation for a world that is constantly evolving. We enable them to adapt to unpredictable job market. We nurture them to cope up with the changing market scenario and adapt to the situation according to the market situation.

Innodust TechSolution imparts Skill Development Training Program of all:

  • Central Training Program
  • State Training Program
  • Corporate Training Program
  • Skill Gap Analysis
  • Workshops & Seminars
  • R & D Activities
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